About Us

We are an Oxford-based management consultancy focusing on the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science for knowledge industries. Our primary focus is finance but we have been involved in industries as diverse as energy, legal and health.

We are frequently engaged by firms seeking to improve the profitability of their businesses through the use of advanced mathematical methods. Typical objectives might include better investment performance, greater efficiency or cost reductions.

We seek interesting problems to solve using our expertise. Every project is different and all our work is bespoke.

Our Activities

Artificial Intelligence

Using the RangL competition platform to accelerate progress in data-driven control problems. We are an official project collaborator at The Alan Turing Institute.

Quantitative Modelling

Building predictive models of financial markets using some of the latest machine learning methods.

Investment Risk Management

Providing advice on market, credit and operational risk management.


Helping some of the newest financial service firms with technology development.


Increasing awareness of what intelligent automation can do for law firms.


We offer commercial training courses in all of the above areas training@oxquant.com.


The Net Zero Technology Centre and Oxquant announced the Pathways to Net Zero RangL Challenge at COP26 last year. This reinforcement learning Challenge aims to address the UK's vision of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 for the North Sea offshore energy industry and was live until the 31st January 2022. Details of the competition as well as a list of the winners can be found at: https://github.com/rangl-labs/netzerotc.

Our People


We are proud to be associated with the following FINTECH Circle publications.

Our Partners

We work closely with the following partners to help us deliver a number of our solutions.

Oxquant is a trading name of Oxquant Consulting Limited
registered in England and Wales
Company Number: 4205453

5 South Parade
Oxford OX2 7JL

email: info@oxquant.com

You can arrange to meet us in person at The Oxford Foundry in Oxford or the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London.